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Yes, it is possible to apply regardless of one’s study path, considering the skills and personal interests inherent in each area for which the application was made.

Yes, the application requirements do not depend on temporal criteria such as the year of your study path; technical knowledge and skills are developed within JELU through the learning by doing methodology.

The CV, organized with a professional structure, must contain the following information: course of study, work experience, languages, IT skills and achievements.

There is no typical structure to follow for writing the cover letter. Generally the candidate, after his / her presentation, expresses the reasons why he / she would like and should join JELU.

By choosing multiple areas at the time of application, the candidate has the opportunity to attempt more technical interviews depending on interests and attitudes; access to JELU, however, requires addressing to only one area: if the candidate successfully passes more than one technical interview, the final choice will be left to him, who will be able to count on the support and advice of the recruiters.

No, on the contrary: to remain within the association, one must constantly demonstrate commitment and collaboration.

Each member, demonstrating their skills and interest in carrying out the work over time and, moreover, showing a strong spirit of initiative, will be able to take on increasingly important roles. For example, each year associates are given the opportunity to apply for the board of the following year, in order to try to join the new Board of Directors.

The time dedicated to JELU is also related to the type of job being handled: for some jobs it will be necessary to do some in-depth analysis, for others, reaching the final output will be more immediate. The daily time can vary around 1/2 hours. Furthermore, in correspondence with the examination session, the rhythms are slowed down to give priority to the study.

Thanks to the numerous partnerships that it counts, the members of the association are offered continuous training and education opportunities in the many areas the association deals with.

The answer is yes. The experience in JELU will be a strong and precious point of your CV, especially for the first job interviews. The statistics of recent years, in fact, show how in the selection phase a Junior Entrepreneur is very often preferred, other things being equal, to a competitor who has never been part of such a reality.

Direct work with companies requires professionalism and commitment. JELU, although made up of students, offers serious advice to concrete companies operating in their reference sector. This means that the associate, in relating with the customer, must show seriousness and responsibility to ensure an excellent result and convey the professionalism that characterizes us.

The experience of the Junior Enterprise trains students in a practical way and allows them to grow professionally by improving skills and soft skills in an environment similar in many respects to the workplace.