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JELU consulting


JELU enables its team of highly selected and motivated students to put their academic career and professional growth on a practical level. The stimulating environment and projects from real clients allow members to strengthen their knowledge, skills and soft skills, bringing them closer to the world of work than ever before.

Recruitment process

Which area is best for you?

Although each team has specific skills, we work with a view to constant collaboration whose ultimate goal is to ensure the best results in the creation of events and services.

Creativity, ability to communicate, strategic vision, graphic design skills: these are the main functional characteristics for the creation and drafting of Marketing Plan, communication campaigns, social media marketing, to get to the heart of the development of a strategy to support the business .

The Business Consulting area carries out economic-financial studies and market and sector analysis, creates business plans and deals with the development of business models. To become part of it, it is necessary to have theoretical knowledge related to the level of studies, aptitude for team working and logical-analytical and critical-deductive skills that allow good data analysis.

The members of the Commercial Consulting area are responsible for expanding the network, which means that they manage relationships with the customer and articulate the commercial proposals. To be part of it, communication skills, negotiation skills and basic technical knowledge of the advice that will be offered to the clients themselves are therefore necessary.

The HR & Audit area deals with organizing and carrying out recruitment, organizes training and team building events and manages JELU’s internal data, including the evaluation and satisfaction of members. Requirements required to be part of it are good interpersonal skills, organizational and data analysis skills (for which the basic knowledge of the Office package will be functional), diligence and professionalism.

The IT area deals with the creation and management of Internet sites, Search Engine Optimization and e-mail marketing and, among other things, supports the other areas for the realization of most of the projects undertaken. The requirements to become part of it are an excellent knowledge of WordPress, Javascript, HTML, CSS and UX-UI Design tools.

The Legal Advice area, through the study of sector legislation and the application of commercial law, deals with the drafting of contracts and articles of incorporation and, in addition, with privacy consultancy. The requirements to become part of it are an excellent knowledge of the principles of private and corporate law.

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